This site is for applying and downloading Digital Signature Certificate in Kenya. For detailed information about eMudhra and its products & services, please visit

Download Instructions

eMudhra offers a certificate downloader tool which enables Individual (Natural Person) and Organization (Legal Person) to download the following Digital Signature Certificates.

  • Document Signer Certificates.
  • Document SoftSigner Certificates (PFX).

To get started with your Certificate Download, please choose your Operating System and download the tool.

Please follow the Certificate Download Instructions email containing Download PIN sent to certificate requester email by Kenya CA.

Document Signer Certificates:

  • Certificate download is allowed in USB Crypto Token only.
  • Do not close the tool or remove the token till the certificate is downloaded.

Document SoftSigner Certificates (PFX):

  • Please do not insert any USB Crypto Token in the computer during download.
  • Upon successful download, the certificate will be available in the location as per the path chosen during download.